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What is Browder Clinic?

Browder Clinic is a membership practice. The annual fee is designed to create more time and availability to each patient with Dr. Browder. It also covers items traditionally not covered by insurance, such as preventative medical care and 24/7 availability. By treating only hundreds of patients instead of thousands of patients, Browder Clinic will be able to provide patients with rapid access to office-based services, telephone consultations, email consultations, and house calls if needed.

Why did Dr. Browder convert his practice?

Simply to provide you with the best possible medical care without constraints. Our mission is to provide unimpeded access to preventative services and early treatment of acute illnesses in order to maintain our patient’s health and improve their quality of life.

Why did Dr. Browder convert his practice?

Simply to provide you with the best possible medical care without constraints. Our mission is to provide unimpeded access to preventative services and early treatment of acute illnesses in order to maintain our patient’s health and improve their quality of life.

Do I have to join Browder Clinic to stay with Dr. Browder?

Yes, Dr. Browder is converting his entire practice to Browder Clinic, a membership practice.

What are my options in paying the annual fee?

You may pay installments or one annual payment. You may pay by direct bank draft or debit/credit card. You may pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. With patients making one annual payment, we offer an extra month for free.

Is a membership in Browder Clinic considered a medical cost for tax purposes?

Yes, this is a medical expense and therefore should be tax deductible. It also can be covered by a Flex Plan in a Medical Savings Account or Medical IRA and paid with pre-tax dollars. I recommend you talk with your tax professional and employer about these options.

Will my insurance pay the fee?

Since Browder Clinic provides non-covered services, regular insurance does not cover your Browder Clinic membership fee.

Is this an insurance policy?

No, this is not an insurance policy and does not in any way interfere with your current insurance whether it is private or Medicare.

Where is Browder Clinic located?

Browder Clinic is located at 7005 Woodway Drive, Suite 201, Waco, Texas which is directly across Highway 84 from Hollywood Theater. Dr. Browder has made extensive improvements to this office space to accommodate the needs of patients of the Browder Clinic.

Will Dr. Browder add another doctor to his practice?

Dr. Browder shares office space with Dr. James Hodges. Dr. Hodges will be available to see you if Dr. Browder is away.

What if I have an emergency or need hospitalization?

If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Dr. Browder or Dr. Hodges will be available 24 hours a day for consultation with emergency room personnel and coordination of care. Specialty referrals will be discussed with the emergency room physician if warranted. If you are hospitalized for an acute illness, a hospitalist physician will oversee your treatment until you are discharged back to Dr. Browder’s care.

What happens when the office is closed or Dr. Browder is away and I need help?

During office hours, if you encounter a medical problem, simply call the office. The office stays open and is staffed on all non-holiday workdays. After office hours, on weekends, holidays, etc. Dr. Browder is continuously available by cell phone. Simply call the main office number and your call will be forwarded directly to Dr. Browder’s cell phone. Dr. Hodges will be also be available to see you in Dr. Browder’s absence.

Will my insurance be billed for services?

Browder Clinic will not accept any insurance or Medicare payments for services. In the event that you require special services or treatments not included in your membership contract, Dr. Browder will provide you with documentation that you can use to file a claim with your insurance company.

What if Dr. Browder becomes sick or unable to provide my care?

According to the contract, either party may terminate the contract with 30 days notice. If you prepaid your annual fee, after the first six months you would be refunded for the unused portion.

Will I need to keep my current insurance coverage?

Yes, you will need to keep your current insurance or Medicare coverage for medical care outside of Browder Clinic including but not limited to hospitalizations, Emergency Room visits, laboratory work, x-rays, MRI or CT scans, specialist care, and other non-covered treatments.

Will I be able to be a patient of Browder Clinic if I don’t have any insurance coverage?

Yes, you will be able to receive the majority of your primary care treatment through your annual membership fee with Browder Clinic. Browder Clinic is also able to provide significant discounts for lab and x-ray services for our cash paying patients without insurance coverage.

Can I save money on my current insurance coverage if I join Browder Clinic?

Yes, many patients are able to lower their premiums by purchasing policies with higher deductibles for catastrophic coverage. The monthly savings in premiums from the higher deductible policies can often more than pay for the annual membership fee. Other patients are able to use their medical savings accounts to pay their membership fee with pre-tax dollars.

What happens if I am traveling out of town and become ill?

Dr. Browder will be available to handle your basic medical problems by phone. Dr. Browder is able to call in prescriptions out of state if you become ill while traveling. In many major U.S. cities, if medically necessary Dr. Browder will be able to make arrangements for you to be seen that same day on a fee for service basis by a local physician. This would allow you to avoid an emergency room visit in an unfamiliar city.

Will Dr. Browder be involved in my medical care if I become hospitalized?

Dr. Browder will stay in contact and consult with your primary admitting hospitalist or specialist in the event that you require hospitalization.

If I go to the Emergency Room on the weekend or see another Doctor, will you pay my bill?

No. Your annual fee ensures you access to care at my office during regular office hours. I will always be available for emergency phone calls and to act as your advisor. There may be times that an emergency room visit is necessary due to a serious medical condition. Your insurance or Medicare will be responsible for all charges not provided by me.

Do I still have to pay an annual fee if I am on Medicare?

Yes, you will be required to pay my annual fee. However, Medicare should still pay for medical services obtained outside my office.

Can I join Browder Clinic later?

Maybe. I believe that in order to provide the individualized, high-quality medical care that I have promised you, I need to limit the number of patients enrolled. Browder Clinic is a small, personalized practice. Once the practice becomes full, we will stop accepting new patients and start a waiting list.

Will I receive a discount if I don’t have my annual physical?

No. Your annual fee covers my availability for complete supervision of your medical care. I encourage each of my patients to see me on a regular basis. Preventative care is the best foundation for an excellent quality of life.

If I become ill and require extensive medical services, will my bill increase?

No. It would be unthinkable to penalize you financially for illness and medically necessary treatment.

Since I need to keep my insurance, will there be any problem with reimbursement for outside tests ordered?

I don’t anticipate this to be a problem. Most patients are in medical plans in which “out of network” providers are allowed to order tests and provide medical care. Dr. Browder is “in network” with most of the common insurance carriers in this area. Some insurance providers or HMO’s may restrict payment to tests not ordered by your assigned “gatekeeper” physician. For this reason, I recommend that you re-evaluate the kind of insurance that you have and avoid restrictive HMO type insurance. However, regardless of your coverage I will make every effort to get the best care that your insurance will allow.

Is the cost of prescriptions covered or discounted through my annual fee?

No, but oftentimes we can start a patient’s treatment with samples. In other cases we are able to find less expensive generic drugs for use by our patients. If you take several monthly prescriptions, you should consider insurance for pharmacy coverage or a prescription discount program.

If I need to be hospitalized, where will I go?

I will continue to remain on hospital staff at both Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center and Providence Health Center. I will continue to utilize the services of the emergency room physicians and hospitalists at both hospitals for your hospital care. I will be in contact with your attending physicians and specialists while hospitalized to help coordinate your care plan.

What happens if I move after joining Browder Clinic?

You can continue to be a patient if you are able to return to Waco for your annual physical and any necessary office visits. If you must transfer your care, I will assist you with finding a new physician. Your medical records will be sent to your new physician promptly. The balance of your yearly fee will be prorated and refunded.

If I get married can I extend coverage to my spouse?

Spouses and partners can be added to the practice as long as there is space available.

Can I still see my Gynecologist?

Yes. I am well trained and extremely experienced in routine, outpatient gynecologic care, but I recognize that many women prefer to see a gynecologist separately. As always, I will support and facilitate whatever decision works best for you. If you receive gynecological care outside of Browder Clinic, you will be responsible for those charges.

What about lab, x-ray, specialist’s fees and hospitalizations?

Lab work, x-rays, specialist’s fees and hospitalizations should be billed directly to your insurance company or Medicare. For our patients without insurance coverage, Browder Clinic has negotiated significant discounts for lab work, x-rays, colonoscopies, mammograms, and CT scans.

Is there a co-pay?

No. Your annual fee secures your access to medical care at Browder Clinic during regular office hours without ever having to make a co-pay.

Will I be required to pay even if I do not need to use your services?

Yes. Paying your fee allows access to your physician whether you are sick or well. Preventative care is a primary focus of our practice. Browder Clinic strongly encourages wellness consultations, regular office visits, and yearly physicals. All Browder Clinic patients have access to our Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Program based on the Bale-Doneen Method developed by Dr. Bradley Bale. Dr. Bale’s cutting edge method of preventing heart attacks and strokes is proven successful, scientifically solid, nationally recognized, and taught at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

What if I have questions about Browder Clinic not answered above?

You can send an email to with any other questions that you may have. You can also contact my nurse, Missy McFarland at 254.732.3633 for questions. Patients interested in learning more about Browder Clinic are always welcome to come by our office to meet the staff, enjoy a cup of coffee, and tour our facility.

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