Physician's Message

Dear Patients:

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information about the Browder Clinic. It has been my privilege to serve the medical needs of my patients in Central Texas over the last 31 years. I have started a new type of private practice in Internal Medicine and invite you to join me. Browder Clinic is a concierge membership practice. This practice provides health care for our patients who pay an annual retainer fee. I do not accept any insurance or Medicare reimbursement.

Browder Clinic allows me to work directly for my patients to provide high quality medical care without any conflict of interest. Joining my new practice will require completion of an annual contract and payment of a retainer fee for care. Payments may be made annually, quarterly, or monthly. This retainer will cover an annual physical exam as well as all necessary office visits throughout the year.

I provide care for patients who desire excellence in traditional medicine and want guidance regarding the protection of their most precious asset – their health. Like an old fashioned doctor, I run my own private practice. This has put me back into the role of patient advocate instead of working for insurance companies, hospitals, and the Federal Government. Medical decisions will be made based on my patient’s health and not the bottom line of an insurance company.

Browder Clinic provides unparalleled access to physician care along with special preventative health and wellness benefits. Browder Clinic offers a Heart Attack and Stoke Prevention Program for all of our patients based on the nationally acclaimed and scientifically proven Bale-Doneen Method. Browder Clinic sends out a newsletter twice each month to provide our patients with information to improve their overall health.

My goal is to serve your medical needs with an unmatched level of care in terms of quality, value, and convenience. I have structured this practice to allow more time to be spent with each patient during office visits. This practice increases patient access by providing appointments within 24 hours with little or no waiting upon arrival for office visits. Patients will have access to my cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unfortunately in order to provide this level of care, this practice enrollment has to be limited to a few hundred patients instead of remaining open to a few thousand patients as in my previous practice. Browder Clinic is limited in order to guarantee patient access to care when it is needed. Our current health care system is over-burdened and no longer guarantees access to care just because you have Medicare or insurance coverage. With current health care reforms on the horizon, this problem will only get worse as access to awaiting list is not access to medical care. I am offering my patients a positive alternative to our deteriorating health care system. In essence, my patients hire me as their personal private physician.

Your health is an asset that deserves your direct financial investment. When you become sick, you become a passive object in a system that does things to you. If there is any way to avoid this fate, it makes sense to do so, especially when such a small investment is needed. With all of the new medical science and technology available in health care, all you need is time with a trusted advisor to help you put this information to good use.

Browder Clinic is located at 7005 Woodway Drive, Suite 201 in Waco, Texas. You will need to keep your current medical insurance or Medicare to cover expenses outside our office such as lab, x-rays, specialist visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations. For those patients without Medicare or any health insurance, Browder Clinic has negotiated significant discounts for lab, x-rays, colonoscopies, mammograms, and CT scans. My long standing nurse, Missy Alexander is a member of the staff at Browder Clinic.

I would like for you to consider joining my practice today. You can join this practice for less than the daily cost of a cup of designer coffee or a package of cigarettes. In the broad scheme of things, this type of medical care is a small investment, especially given the potential return on that investment.

Please complete the website response form to reserve your place in my membership practice as only a limited number of patients will be accepted on a first come first served basis. My Nurse, Missy Alexander, will be available at 254.732.3633 to answer any of your questions. You may also email any questions to Please feel free to drop by our office to meet the staff, enjoy a cup of coffee and receive a tour of the facility. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


J. Bond Browder, M.D.

Contact Us

J. Bond Browder, M.D
Missy Alexander, L.V.N.

7005 Woodway Drive
Suite 201
Waco, Texas 76712

Phone: (254) 732-3633
Fax: (254) 732-3661

Please contact Missy Alexander at (254) 732-3633 for further information or questions.