What is Browder Clinic

BROWDER CLINIC, PLLC is a concierge private practice in Internal Medicine. As a membership-based practice, we offer health care for patients paying an annual retainer fee. Payments may be made annually, quarterly, or monthly. This retainer will cover an annual physical exam as well as all necessary office visits throughout the year. In essence, my patients hire me as their personal private physician. Our clinic provides unparalleled access to physician care along with special preventative health and wellness benefits. Our goal is to serve your medical needs with an unmatched level of care in terms of quality, value, and convenience. I, along with my staff, will provide care for patients who desire excellence in traditional medicine and want guidance regarding the protection of their most precious asset – their health.


  • Access to medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Appointments within 24 hours with little or no waiting upon arrival for office visits
  • More physician/patient time during office visits
  • Being part of a practice that is limited in order to guarantee individual patient access to care when it is needed
  • A dependable relationship with “your medical team”