Services provided under Retainer Fee at Browder Clinic

  • Guaranteed same or next day office visits as medically necessary
  • Minimal or no waiting at time of office visits with unhurried office visits
  • Telephone access to Browder Clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Email access to your doctor or nurse for routine medical problems or questions
  • Telephone consultations and house calls if medically warranted
  • Annual Comprehensive Wellness Examination
  • Routine EKG, Oxygen Saturation Levels, and Blood Drawing in office
  • Annual Flu Vaccine, Tetanus Vaccine, Allergy Injections, and Steroid Injections
  • Consultation with hospitalists and specialists
  • Prompt referral and coordination of care with a strong network of specialists
  • Follow up with patients after specialist visits to discuss care plan as needed
  • FAA Flight Physicals
  • Pre-Operative Medical Consultations
  • No co-pays, no deductibles, no hassle during office visits
  • Significant discounts on routine lab work for our cash paying patients

Services Not provided under Retainer Fee at Browder Clinic

You will need to keep your private insurance or Medicare to cover these expenses.

  • Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits
  • Lab Work, X-Rays, and Pap Smears
  • Mammograms, Bone Density Tests, Stress EKG tests, MRI, and CT Scans
  • Specialist Care including Surgical Procedures
  • Non routine injections such as Shingles, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, or Meningitis Vaccines
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Workers Compensation
  • Outpatient procedures or any medical services provided outside our office

How to Become a Patient

If you would like to become a new patient of Browder Clinic, please call our office at 254.732.3633.  New patient forms are available under the Forms tab on this website.  Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or dropped off at our office. Please feel free to email any questions to my nurse, Missy McFarland at  Patients interested in learning more about Browder Clinic are always welcome to drop by the office to meet the staff, enjoy a cup of coffee, and receive a tour of the facility.

Medical Practice Retainer Fees for Browder Clinic



















65 and Over



Pre-payment of an initial monthly, quarterly, or annual fee is required to become a patient of Browder Clinic.  Patients making an annual payment will receive an extra month free, in other words 13 months of care for annual fee payment.  Annual renewal payments must be made before renewal date in order to receive an extra month free.  Payments must be made monthly, quarterly, or annually by automatic bank draft, debit, or credit card.  A 4% administrative fee will be added to all credit card transactions.  Checks will be accepted for initial payments only.  Patients may leave my practice at any time after 6 months and receive a refund for any unused fees paid in advance.  A contract with Browder Clinic will be required for medical services, which can be signed at the time of the first office visit.